Saturday, 5 December 2009

New listings

Just been making monkeys tonight :)
Just added melvin, jaffa and liqorish to my folksy shop
Ive also added some new naughty sock monsters!!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Just finished my first craft fair

....well more of a school fair. But its the first one Ive done selling my toys, managed to seel about 15 monkeys and some furry monsters.
Means I have to do some speed sewing as my poor folksy shop and website are looking VERY empty!

Thursday, 3 December 2009


After considering my move from Etsy, I seem to have confirmed Folksy definatly seems to be better as Ive just had my first sale! :D
Might keep a few items at Etsy though, after I reopen my shop after christmas seen as no items can get to the USA before.

Move from Etsy?

Ive now decided that because I live in the UK I might move to Folksy rather than ETSY as it seems easier regarding postage etc..

In other news...
Monty and Narna have both got a new home :)
Berry however is waiting to be relisted on Folksy but has to wait till the weekend.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Narna the yellow sock monkey

This is Narna the neon yellow sock monkey, hes up for sale at etsy, watch out though as he can be grumpy sometimes!

Berry the pink sock monkey

This is Berry the neon pink sock monkey, She is looking for a new home, you can find her too at etsy

Monty the blue sock monkey

This is Monty, hes currently looking for a home on etsy, hes a shy monkey but loves the company of others (especially Berry the pink sock monkey)

About us!

I began to create sock monkeys a few months ago, after spotting a book on the subject. I started off with little sock monsters, and have now moved on to make monkeys too, and intend to make more animals in the future! :)

I currently sell my monkey creatures on etsy at so please take a look!

My monkeys are for sale for $7.99 and $3 postage ($10.99 in total), Im based in the UK so the monkeys are also available for £4.99 and £2 postage (£6.99 in total). If you wish to buy a monkey email me at