Monday, 30 April 2012

The Finished Objects...

So I have joined a virtual knitting retreat on Ravelry whose aim is to finish as many as your projects as you can. When sorting my stash I found LOADS of half finished items... some of which I couldn't even remember what they were!! So hopefully over the next two weeks you will see some nice colourful posts with my FINISHED items! (heres hoping! lol)

To spur me on I'd thought Id list my projects here so I can see exactly how far I'm progressings .... so here goes.....

* Crofter Dot - just needs sewing up
* Teapot bunny - just needs sewing up
* baby boy aran jumper - needs an arm and neck and sewing
* blue tony monster - needs arms, legs and sewing
* crochet baby blanket - needs quite a few more stripes (think it is just over half way done)
* white knitted baby blanket - on row 10 of 20 so nearly halfway done (as it has quite a large border)
* Blossom elephant toy - needs dress, an ear and putting together
* Baby boy v-neck tank top - needs front finishing, borders adding and sewing up
* Monster chunk - needs some legs and putting together
* Blue snowflake teddy - needs arms, legs, ears and sewing up
* Superman blanket square - just over halfway done
* Jenny watson baby blanket with hood - only just started

I think thats it for now, I don't think theres any chance that I will get all of these finished over the next two weeks but I hope to make quite a big dint on them :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

stash sort part TWO!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I forgot to tell you, whilst sorting my stash I found various carrier bags/ paper bags/ boxes (lol) with unfinished projects in!
I have now been very organised and put two projects in my front room box and the rest with my wool to try and make myself get back up to speed and finish them before I forget what they are! Im also trying not to start anything new before I finish some of these! So.....
I have set myself a challenge.
I REALLY want Rebecca Dangers new dinosaur pattern, but I know that if I buy it I will start it and forget about my (short term) tidyness and organisation. So I need to finish the two projects in my box and reward myself. hehe. Ive got a whole week off work this coming week so hopefully it will be doable.
Also Im preparing for the local market to sell my sock monkeys and knitted things so I am madly packing those up and finishing the last little bits off!

Hopefully the rest of my posts this week will include pictures of something thats actually finished.... Now that might just be me been hopeful!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

the BIG stash sort!!

I have been very brave this week and had all my knitting stash out, at the same time!! I'd like to say I was surprised by how much there was, but I had fully prepared myself for the wooly goodness lol.
I hope in 6 months time I can take far fewer photos of all the woolness I have left and maybe some stash busting knitted/crocheted things

My Aran, it may not look much.... until you realise the lilac ball at the right hand side is actually a 400g ball!

The chunky wool - Mostly in monster colours and some Indie in the bottom left corner that I bought to make a scarf but then didn't like (don't have a clue what Im going to use it for instead!)

 The fluffy stuff - The white was to knit a Christmas tree like one I made a few years ago, however I never got round to making it so I think the wool is destined for fluffy gnome beards instead.
Other stash part one - Mostly double knitting from odd projects. And lots of full balls that I bought just because I liked the colours! heh.

Stash part 2 - More stashy double knitting mostly for toys and lots of paler colours at the right hand side for baby knitting - Jumpers / blankets etc. for various presents. The only wool I have a few balls of is the purple snowflake (to make cute floofy monsters) and the orange double knit, as it has taken me ageeees to find a nice orange that isn't a neon colour!

This is what the purple fluffy wool is destined to be!

Wish me luck with my stash busting!!