Sunday, 3 January 2010

Selling Stamps

Im planning on destashing and selling some of my stamps. They have been used once or twice so some do have ink marks on the back (I only use versafine inks so they arent damaged) and will work for hundreds more stamped images.

I will upload photos in the next few days but for now Ill just list the ones Ive definatly decided on selling, there might still be more to come! :) If you want any Ill weight the stamps and work out postage.

These first few are wooden backed stamps.
* resting ted - Teddy bear in an arm chair reading a news paper - £3.50
* forever friends bear carrying a present- £3.50
* Christmas santa forever friends bear with a present - £3.50
* Penny black balerina cat "Pink toes" - £4
* paperartsy- old fashioned gentlemen "back in the good old days there were real gentlemen" £4.50
* Christmas penguin holding a star - £3.50
* Forever friends - small cupcake - £1.50
* nativity stamps - £3.50
* Christmas bauble - £1.50
* Rock Guitar stamp - £3

Rubber mounted or acrylic stamps
* paperartsy - "you know you love me" cat - £3.50

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