Sunday, 1 July 2012

Other Art

Hello Blogland!
Today I thought I would share some of my other art work. I was traweling the internet and pinterest the other day and suddenly remember deviantart.. .and got further distracted lol. But it also made me remember my old artwork (which is currently packed away in a drawer, waiting to be stuck up in my craft room !)
I haven't drawn or painted anything for ageees , but I bought some canvases the other day and some paint so I just need to think what to draw!

Unfortunatly when I had nearly finished this one my paint bottle exploded when I was trying to refil my paint pallet... but we can always pretend it is meant to be like that lol.

This ones only little about 8 x 8 inches and is painted onto a flat canvas with acrylic paints :)

Hopefully soon I will have some more piccies to post... watch this space!

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