Monday, 30 April 2012

The Finished Objects...

So I have joined a virtual knitting retreat on Ravelry whose aim is to finish as many as your projects as you can. When sorting my stash I found LOADS of half finished items... some of which I couldn't even remember what they were!! So hopefully over the next two weeks you will see some nice colourful posts with my FINISHED items! (heres hoping! lol)

To spur me on I'd thought Id list my projects here so I can see exactly how far I'm progressings .... so here goes.....

* Crofter Dot - just needs sewing up
* Teapot bunny - just needs sewing up
* baby boy aran jumper - needs an arm and neck and sewing
* blue tony monster - needs arms, legs and sewing
* crochet baby blanket - needs quite a few more stripes (think it is just over half way done)
* white knitted baby blanket - on row 10 of 20 so nearly halfway done (as it has quite a large border)
* Blossom elephant toy - needs dress, an ear and putting together
* Baby boy v-neck tank top - needs front finishing, borders adding and sewing up
* Monster chunk - needs some legs and putting together
* Blue snowflake teddy - needs arms, legs, ears and sewing up
* Superman blanket square - just over halfway done
* Jenny watson baby blanket with hood - only just started

I think thats it for now, I don't think theres any chance that I will get all of these finished over the next two weeks but I hope to make quite a big dint on them :)

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