Thursday, 19 April 2012

the BIG stash sort!!

I have been very brave this week and had all my knitting stash out, at the same time!! I'd like to say I was surprised by how much there was, but I had fully prepared myself for the wooly goodness lol.
I hope in 6 months time I can take far fewer photos of all the woolness I have left and maybe some stash busting knitted/crocheted things

My Aran, it may not look much.... until you realise the lilac ball at the right hand side is actually a 400g ball!

The chunky wool - Mostly in monster colours and some Indie in the bottom left corner that I bought to make a scarf but then didn't like (don't have a clue what Im going to use it for instead!)

 The fluffy stuff - The white was to knit a Christmas tree like one I made a few years ago, however I never got round to making it so I think the wool is destined for fluffy gnome beards instead.
Other stash part one - Mostly double knitting from odd projects. And lots of full balls that I bought just because I liked the colours! heh.

Stash part 2 - More stashy double knitting mostly for toys and lots of paler colours at the right hand side for baby knitting - Jumpers / blankets etc. for various presents. The only wool I have a few balls of is the purple snowflake (to make cute floofy monsters) and the orange double knit, as it has taken me ageeees to find a nice orange that isn't a neon colour!

This is what the purple fluffy wool is destined to be!

Wish me luck with my stash busting!!

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