Sunday, 22 April 2012

stash sort part TWO!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I forgot to tell you, whilst sorting my stash I found various carrier bags/ paper bags/ boxes (lol) with unfinished projects in!
I have now been very organised and put two projects in my front room box and the rest with my wool to try and make myself get back up to speed and finish them before I forget what they are! Im also trying not to start anything new before I finish some of these! So.....
I have set myself a challenge.
I REALLY want Rebecca Dangers new dinosaur pattern, but I know that if I buy it I will start it and forget about my (short term) tidyness and organisation. So I need to finish the two projects in my box and reward myself. hehe. Ive got a whole week off work this coming week so hopefully it will be doable.
Also Im preparing for the local market to sell my sock monkeys and knitted things so I am madly packing those up and finishing the last little bits off!

Hopefully the rest of my posts this week will include pictures of something thats actually finished.... Now that might just be me been hopeful!

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